About Novanta

Novanta® (or “ninety” in Italian) refers to the ever-important ninety seconds that our authentic Neapolitan pizzas bake in our stone ovens before they are served hot and fresh to you.

Our pizzas all start with dough, based on an ancient Italian recipe that includes water, salt, yeast and a very special type of flour.  Our dough is “rested” for at least 12 hours before it is shaped and baked.  We offer only the finest and the freshest ingredients and toppings, including house-made mozzarella cheese.

The cooking of the pizza is as crucial as our ingredients.  Our oven, imported from Italy, is a centerpiece of our restaurant and heats to the ideal 900°F.  This enables our pizzas to cook to absolute perfection with the benefit of "oven spring," which is caused by air and water vapor rapidly expanding inside the stretchy network of interconnected flour proteins that is the Novanta® dough.  This means our dough inflates quickly, and thus ensures each pizza is light and airy, and is simply delicious. 

Novanta® is pleased to offer guests authentic Neapolitan pizzas, panini, insalate (salads), dolci (desserts), and a fine assortment of beverages.